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Tweeting for a good cause.

One of the reasons I feel I was put on this earth is to make a difference (I know so corny, but so true). I always felt rewarded when I served in positions where I played a positive role or could go out of my way to help others. Thinking back…I was a YMCA camp counselor (for seven years), basketball coach, soccer coach, mentor, soccer captain, college tour guide, waitress…they are all positions where I could teach and a way to serve (sometimes literally) people to help them have a pleasant experience. One of my fellow Twitter friends works at a camp for the disabled and I am forever jealous that she gets to do something great everyday (maybe I should have been a teacher?!).

So how can everyone do something great? Well, no need to do legwork these days. An idea might just, fall on your lap(top)!

Think about this idea- The 12 for 12,000 Challenge for 2009 . How did I come across this? Well @intertwined sent my information to @PressReleasePR who sent me a direct message and the connection was born! I retweeted and now I am providing the link in my blog…and due to @PressReleasePR‘s efforts, the word is spreading like wild fire.

Every time I see one of these great ideas start spreading via Facebook, twitter, blogging, etc. it makes me think about what a difference words make. Words are becoming more and more powerful and social media is giving our words great power. I love it!

So does this mean, contrary to popular belief, will words start to speak louder than actions?