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It’s the Execution That Stops Ideas

So if I could say one amazing thing about the iPad, it’s that it motivates you to read and I think that is excellent in today’s society. There is so much good information out there and the iPad ebooks bring it to your fingertips. Love it!

Well since I’ve had my iPad (one month), I’ve read three books. I read at the car dealership, at the doctor’s office, on the plane…and I only have to carry one slick little device to enjoy any book I want! Well, this post isn’t about my iPad. It’s about a book. My favorite motivational book that kicked me in the butt!

Which book? Making Ideas Happen, by Scott Belsky, founder of Behance. (Sidenote: I heard about Behance from the Mashable Social Media Summit and really thought it was an excellent idea. Check it out if you are creative and unorganized.) The book is all about what differentiates us and what defines those who succeed and those who don’t–it’s the execution.

Think about meetings you’ve attended where the seats were filled with smart and creative thinkers. There are usually mounds of ideas discussed and a few that garner extreme excitement from the group. You leave that meeting with great expectations of what could be–and then the efforts fall flat and that great idea never comes to fruition. The person in charge for executing those great ideas drops the ball because they lack the organization to get it done, lack motivation, or maybe they are just plain lazy. That great idea everyone loved remains just that–an idea.

How do you make ideas happen? You have to create an ACTIONABLE plan.

Here’s a small lesson I quickly learned: When you leave a meeting or great brainstorming session, walk away with action items written as actionable “to-dos.” Don’t write down, “follow up with Dan.” Write “follow up with Dan on Friday regarding his progress with the creative for the event.” Then make sure you do it. Get satisfaction in crossing items off your list, but be sure you do it the right way. Don’t cross it off just to get rid of it, cross it off because it brings you one step closer to achieving your goal and putting your idea into motion.

This execution is what differentiates and hinders or fosters success.

Are you busy executing? If not, get busy.