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Jen Cohen has been featured in QSRWeb and For Immediate Release (alongside industry heavy-hitters such as Scott Monty of Ford) for her work on innovative social media campaigns with national and regional brands. Jen also presented at numerous marketing meetings including the September 2010 and 2011 Social Media Strategies Summits, the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit and other high-profile events. Jen is available for speaking engagements where she will provide new marketing strategies and motivate marketers and entrepreneurs to take the next step and strive for success.

Jen Cohen is also an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University and has a strong passion for positively influencing the future through motivating young professionals. Her hope is that when she leaves a room, every person who heard her speak or teach, has learned something new.

Contact Jen via email at or call her office line at 215.530.2090.


2 responses to “Press Info

  1. Hey there Jen –

    Found you through Twitter and came across your blog.

    Check out my site, I am knee deep in a start-up to help college students save money around campus.

    Love to connect. Thanks!

  2. Hi Shawn! Thanks for reaching out. I checked out your site and I’d lke to learn more about your business. I will drop you an email. Please feel free to respond when you have a chance! Thanks for reading 🙂

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