The Real Worth of Our Social Networks (and it’s not what you think)

Ever have a bad day and need a “pick-me-up?” ever feel lethargic and know a swift kick in the butt will fuel your productivity? Ever need just one word, one phrase, or one person to tell you that you can do it? We all do, and we all have the power to find the inspiration or to be the inspiration.

We can do this by using the worth of our social networks…That is if they’re truly worth anything.

Let’s take a step back. Why do we use our social networks? What drives us to post updates? Are we simply being self-serving through shameless self-promotions? Are we just posting about things that matter to us, but don’t matter to anyone else? If so, we have got it all wrong!

We should be using our social networks to become better versions of ourselves – to explore new ideas, learn from others, find interesting information, and to SHARE with others about things that matter. We should be passing along a great idea, sharing a tip for success, or answering someone’s question about where to eat. If you’re not doing any of this, you are wasting your time.

Here’s a situation. I woke up at 4.30 a.m. to get ready for the gym and checked my Facebook alerts. To my surprise, I saw a disturbing update in my newsfeed – an old high school “friend” who posted a series of photos of him with a woman in provocative poses, clearly under the influence of something. My first thought was, “What is wrong with him?” My second thought was, “I hope his kid doesn’t see this.” I continued to scroll through his information to find out if he was okay. I saw others posting well wishes and hoping he’d get his act together. I felt like I should reach out, but really, he was just a Facebook friend and do I really have the time and energy to get involved? So what did I do? I deleted him. Then I deleted a bunch of people who were simply wasting my time. I kept all the people who were positive inspirations (Jen Groover, Nell Merlino, Catrice Jackson, Gabrielle Bernstein). I kept all the people who were constantly pushing me to be better, think differently, and do great things.

On another point, the other day I experienced a lost opportunity. It was an opportunity I really wanted and thought was a perfect match for what I am trying to accomplish, but I didn’t get it. Directly after I found out, I had a mini breakdown…then I read my favorite 14 year-old’s status update that read, “It’s all in God’s plan.” Instantly, I saw the signs and knew that this opportunity wasn’t lost–it wasn’t the right one.

So here is my advice to making your social network “worth it.”
1. Purge. Get rid of the “numbers.” Delete the Debbie Downers who are so sad and negative. Why bring that negativity into your life? If they are just a Facebook time-killer, get rid of them.
2. Interact. Get involved with others who are doing great things. Reach out to great people and use your social networks to show gratitude and share knowledge. Be on your social networks to be social and to bring something to the table.
3. Inspire (or be funny!). Be an inspiration to those around you or make them laugh. Maybe your best friend is having a bad day and they see a positive or hilarious post from your page – you never know who is reading. Be positive, lift others up, and make people smile.
4. Be inspired. Read others’ updates and let them resonate. Thank others for what they give. Let the positivity drive you to reach your goals!

We have an opportunity to be a great influence. Why not take it?


One response to “The Real Worth of Our Social Networks (and it’s not what you think)

  1. This is an awesome post! It all comes down to finding our purpose and stepping outside of ourselves to make a difference in the lives of others.

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