Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Power of ONE.

Don’t let One..
get you down; there are plenty more who will pick you up.
Opportunity make you feel like you don’t deserve anything; opportunities come and go for a reason.
Experience make you jaded to think all experiences are the same; every experience is different.
Failure determine your future; you will never succeed unless you fail.
Success make you satisfied; there are many more successes to accomplish.
Comment steer you off your path; keep control of the wheel and make it happen.
Rejection damage your confidence; just know that it wasn’t the right time or place and that time and place will come.

…but DO let one…
Person make your day
Opportunity prove you are who you want to be
Experience lift you above
Failure make you work harder
Success validate your goals
Comment cheer you up
Rejection fuel your determination

…and be that ONE for someone else.