Asking (the right) Questions.

In the past few days I learned the value of asking questions. More importantly, I learned that we need to ask the right questions.

What are the right questions? They are the questions that prevent us from wasting our time – either by lack of knowledge, a misunderstanding, or something that should have been uncovered straight away.

For example, if we don’t ask the right questions when creating a website, we get too far into it to turn back. If we turn back to make corrections or changes, we end up wasting time by back tracking, and wasting money on edits that could have been avoided. If we start a project, but forget to ask for the budget, it is difficult to back track and ask, then find out it is much less than we thought after putting ideas in place.

Oh and when we assume – in life and in love – it’s because we never asked any questions and that is a recipe for disaster.

In general, I think life boils down to effective communication in all forms. We need to learn to communicate effectively via email, in-person, through our writing, and through our motions. It takes some time to learn others’ styles and to conform to their communication preferences, but the more aware we are of those styles, the better communicators we will become…

…and the more time we will have and the happier we will be! 🙂


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