Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

It’s a New Year. It’s a New Month. It’s a New Day.

The other day I had a bad day. It was bad in the sense that I woke up, nothing went my way, it was cold, I was sick, and it seemed like no matter what I did, the day was already shot. I tried my best to just go through the motions and get it over, and I kept thinking about tomorrow. I kept thinking that I would allow myself to have one bad day and that tomorrow is a new day, a new start, and a new opportunity to make it something great! And that is what I did.

I probably shouldn’t have even allowed myself one day to be such a downer, but I really did wake up the next morning and make the conscious decision to make up for lost time and get things accomplished. That day was one of the most productive and I know the fate of the day was determined by my attitude of thinking that it wasn’t just another day, it was a new opportunity.

I think we enjoy the idea of “newness.” It’s a mental fantasy of an untouched beginning and another chance. We like thinking of the possibilities of what we can do in the new year, the new month, and in a new day. But in reality, do we really take advantage of the opportunity and actually do it? Do we accomplish those fantasies and do we take a 180 degree turn and make things better? We should.

I once read a book (after I was fired from a job), and it changed my life. Unfortunately I have no idea what it was called, but I do remember the main point was that our future and accomplishments depend on our attitude – and nothing else. The book pushed that we can’t change a lot of factors, but we can change our attitude. A simple attitude adjustment can help us do what we want to do and accomplish what we want to accomplish.

So when you have a bad day, take it. Then give yourself a new beginning and the best chance to succeed by changing your attitude and truly making it a new day! Note the difference and it will motivate you to do it again.