I’ll Take the Physical Challenge

I can’t even begin to explain how much I learn from physically challenging myself on a daily basis. Every run I complete, every spin class I finish, and every time I do something that physically challenges me, I walk away with a clearer or better understanding of whatever was plaguing me before I began. When I am physically active I become more mentally active, and I get a great rush and the feeling of instant accomplishment.

The other day I was about to register for an upcoming run and I thought about how I didn’t want to do it because I “don’t run in the cold.” Then I stopped and thought “why?” I guess I just always told myself I didn’t like running in the cold and I came to believe I was a bad cold-weather runner. Then I tried to think of times I ran in the cold, and I couldn’t come up with any. So why did I think this?

I then thought about numerous runs I decided not to run because I wasn’t sure how I’d perform. I didn’t know if I could finish a run in the cold, didn’t know how fast I’d be, and never brought myself to face the challenge and assumed I couldn’t complete. Why? Because I had a fear of failing and under performing on something that makes me feel confident. Then I thought about how I will never accomplish anything more and I will never conquer a new challenge if I continue to only run what I know I can finish. How could I be happy with participating in the same runs every year and finishing exactly as I knew I could? Being complacent isn’t in my blood when it comes to business, so I should feel the same way about physical challenges.

…So I registered. I am going to run, and I am going to do well. I am going to accomplish something new and conquer an obstacle I’ve never attempted. And what if I fail? I won’t. Failure is not an option.


3 responses to “I’ll Take the Physical Challenge

  1. Hope you’re doing the http://www.toughmudder.com – I’m in and it’s gonna be AWESOME 😉

  2. Not only is failure NOT an option, it doesn’t even exist. That is why it is not an option!
    Stay focused, Jen!


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