Fortune Cookie Was Right.

The other day I opened my fortune cookie to read one of truest fortunes ever. No, it didn’t say anything about being rich (ha) or my future having a positive outlook (although I do enjoy those). It read, “Nothing good was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” How spot on is that sentence? Think about it…

Think about some of your greatest accomplishments and think about how excited you were to achieve them. Think about how much effort you put into accomplishing the final result and how much emotion played a part in the success.

For me, I think about how excited I get when I present and teach. My presentations and lessons are dripping with passion and enthusiasm. My overarching goal of every interaction is to ensure everyone has their eyes on me (or the slides/presentation/examples) and they seem interested in the material. If I catch eyes wandering or heads tilting, I take the conversation in another direction or use a different approach. Either way, the feedback I always receive is that I was engaging and interesting, and that comes directly from my enthusiasm.

One thing to remember is that it is close to impossible for passionate people to be enthusiastic about things that don’t make sense or don’t solicit their interest. It’s tough to fake enthusiasm and it is obvious to others when it is “being faked,” so don’t do it.

Accomplish goals and ideas using your passion and enthusiasm. Channel what motivates and drives you, and use the momentum to boost your attitude straight up to success!


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