Make it easy… Social Media = Conversation

I read As Social Technologies Become Pervasive, Prepare Your Company this morning and completely agree with the points in this post.

As I work with more and more companies through my business (here’s the plug), Something Creative, LLC, and answer the question “what is social media?” and work to create strategies to answer “how can I use social media?” I realize companies really are embracing this concept.

…on the other hand, some of the key decision makers in these companies are still split–half want to embrace and the other half are still in the “convince me” mindset. A great point in the article (I guess I always thought about, but never thought to use to explain to others teetering on the edge of social media acceptance) is to emphasize that social media is a conversation. It is an online conversation using new technologies and new outlets. It is doing the same thing companies are doing (or maybe not doing…oops) and taking it online to reach an audience that might not be engaging in other ways and/or prefer to be engaged through this outlet.

Conversations make sense. No lead, sale or deal can be made without some sort of conversation. No reputation can be managed without a dialogue. An online conversation can prove to be just as (or more) valuable than an in-person or phone conversation.

So the moral is to make it easy. Compare new marketing with old marketing “buzz” words to show that marketing is still messaging (well dialogue), audience and channel, but with expansions on the definition of those concepts.


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