Monthly Archives: February 2009

See you later, MySpace

Working with new clients to create social media campaigns starts with the question, “What is your goal?” and leads to “Which outlets are going to be most effective and which are secondary?”

A goal of creating awareness in the social space means you need to determine the intended audience and decide where they are spending their time. Are they on Facebook? And are they ACTIVE on Facebook? The answer to both is probably yes due to the interactive appeal of Facebook and the pushing of messages through the newsfeed and availability of interesting applications.

Are they on MySpace? Are they ACTIVE on MySpace? The answer to the former is probably yes and most likely the latter will yield a no.

Why is this?

My thought is that MySpace was the first big social media networking space that paved the way for Facebook to make a splash. Since Facebook was only offered to students when it was introduced, others who wanted to adopt this activity opted for MySpace feeling it was the only option–therefore profiles were created and MySpace kept it presence.

After Facebook opened its doors to everyone, and MySpace was purchased by Newscorp in 2005, the market shifted and everyone was hanging out on Facebook abandoning their MySpace presence. It did take a bit for people to adopt and embrace Facebook if they did not join in college because the thought was “that is just for college kids, right?”

But now, MySpace is commercialized with ads inundating your login and welcome screen. Businesses create MySpace pages that become second Web sites with high-quality graphics and backgrounds. The messages are interrupted with noise from advertisers, crazy customization and spammers by the dozen.

So should companies abandon MySpace?

If companies are on MySpace, they should stay there and monitor the account and stay “somewhat active,” but their efforts will be better spent creating a blog, updating their Facebook pages or using my personal favorite, Twitter 🙂