Twitter App Overload

So every time I search the net and check out my twitter feed, I see more and more apps popping up that are intended to make using twitter easier…but I feel like it is making it harder. I can either explore all the options (which takes time to install, use and hate/love) or find out who is already using these apps and go from hearsay.

I recently received an iTouch so I obviously dove right in and researched the social networking apps and found more than one available for twitter, which lead me to ask for opinions from my fellow users to find out which app works best. Twitterfon or tweetie…one is free, one costs $2.99. Sigh. Decisions.

So how do you feel about these apps that are popping up daily? Are they making your life easier or complicating your use? Is there a central blog that reviews applications? If so, let me know so I can do some leisurely reading on my iTouch while at the gym instead of using every application on my own–which would take forever!


4 responses to “Twitter App Overload

  1. Hi Jen, I’ve tried a bunch of apps. For iPhone; Twittelator, TwitterFon and Tweetie. Tweetie costs 2.99(?), but is well worth it. So much more functional then the others and very easy to figure out. Took me about 30 secs. Love it.

    Desktop, I use Tweetdeck, but am experimenting with PowerTwitter. PT is nice in that it’s a Firefox extension and overlays directly on top of your Twitter home page. Remember though that both are really 1st gen apps and have a long way to go.

    btw; if you’re interested how I found your blog, it was through Tweetie’s “Nearby” feature that identifies people tweeting, where else, nearby.


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  2. Vincent Pascual

    Hi Jen, I face overload when looking up iPhone/iPod touch apps in general. I’m in the process of finding a more efficient way to look up and vet apps.

    While we’re on the subject of Twitter apps, other useful ones for the iPod touch include:
    – Twinkle (which uses location to find other Tweeples in your vicinity using location services.
    – Twootball (lets you track messages about NFL games on Twitter) [As of this writing, free for a limited time!)

    Although I have yet to own an iPod touch, I think that Tweetie will be my main Twitter app. TUAW’s Christina Warren has also reviewed Tweetie and considers it among the top Twitter apps (

    If you’re looking for ways to find new iPhone/iTouch apps, AppVee has reviews posted on YouTube as well as a free app for iPhone/iTouch. AppSniper ($0.99 as of this writing) notifies you of sales on apps.

    Hope this helps!


    • Hey Vincent,

      I appreciate your comments. The link you sent with the top apps was definitely useful. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  3. Hey Jen,

    I do see an overload in websites and apps for Twitter and also Social Media in general. Everyone wants to ride the train when its popular. Just like when Myspace first launched everybody wanted a piece of the action and there were crazy amount of content out there. The trick is to find what works the best and easiest for you, you don’t necessarily have to incorporate all them (I sure don’t) and just focus your energy and effort on what counts. If Social Media is becoming more a burden than a benefit, then its type to re-evaluate 🙂

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