Things that make you go “hmmmm”

A fabulous observation–from conflict comes progress. Hmmmm.

So I met Lynn Hoban, VP of Marketing from Rita’s Italian Ice, earlier today and she made that comment, which made so much sense. Then because @johnflurry told me I should read “the dip” by Seth Godin, I started reading and felt that it carried a similar message.

Without conflict in life, what is it? I guess I always felt my life is unpredictable, random, not expected…and sometimes I thrive on conflict. Through conflict I learn how to deal with things, what to do in situations and how people react/how to react to them. It helps me grow and become more understanding.

So is conflict bad? Does the word “conflict” send negative connotations?

I like to say I am not a confrontational person and I am the first to apologize when I am wrong, but sometimes I thrive on a great disagreement. I love when someone throws out a perspective I never thought of and makes me think differently. I get that “Aha” moment that clicks in your brain. How cool?!

So if it were easy, we’d all do it. If it’s worth it, it’s hard at some point.
These are the words of wisdom I live by and feel contribute to my unstable, crazy and sometimes random life…and I love it. Conflict fits right in there and as long as you know how to deal with a conflict and find the silver lining, it is not a bad thing, right? It’s a learning/growing experience that helps us all achieve some sort of progress…


5 responses to “Things that make you go “hmmmm”

  1. Conflict is definitely a great thing. Not necessarily negative – allows you to grow, as you said, but also teaches you how to persevere and overcome such conflicts.

    I see it as real-world education 🙂

  2. Conflict when it’s ideological and based in standing up for what I believe in can to lead to some powerful discussions, enhanced creativity, innovation, and stronger outcomes. What precedes the right type of conflict is candour. And what precedes candour is trust. If I trust in you enough (and I’m willing to experience my courage), I’ll be candid with you knowing that the outcome will better for both of us.

    The flip side is when conflict switches from being ideological and moves into personality differences. Then conflict can become “who you are” not “what you said.” That’s when the lines of communication close quickly.

    So bring on the ideological conflict. We’ll both learn and end up creating something amazing that’s stronger than the sum of the parts.

    • That is a great point. As soon as communication is muffled, progress comes to a halt…Very true.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Jennifer, Glad you like the read. This has been a year of conflict, difficulty, and growth for me. I grew up avoiding conflict at all cost. I really think I missed out on so many great opportunities as well as relationships because of it. Now as I have learned that conflict is just a part of life, I seem to constantly be drawn into it. Comically though, I have found it to be the best training ground for overcoming difficult times or as Seth Godin would say “Dips”. I hope 2009 is a very successful year for you. Cheers!

  4. Jennifer,

    You’ll love the dip…in fact you’ll love everything Seth’s written. His latest book, Tribes, will encourage and inspire you.

    @johnflurry is a great guy. He’s been a friend of mine for years.

    Have a great Christmas.


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