Tweeting for a good cause.

One of the reasons I feel I was put on this earth is to make a difference (I know so corny, but so true). I always felt rewarded when I served in positions where I played a positive role or could go out of my way to help others. Thinking back…I was a YMCA camp counselor (for seven years), basketball coach, soccer coach, mentor, soccer captain, college tour guide, waitress…they are all positions where I could teach and a way to serve (sometimes literally) people to help them have a pleasant experience. One of my fellow Twitter friends works at a camp for the disabled and I am forever jealous that she gets to do something great everyday (maybe I should have been a teacher?!).

So how can everyone do something great? Well, no need to do legwork these days. An idea might just, fall on your lap(top)!

Think about this idea- The 12 for 12,000 Challenge for 2009 . How did I come across this? Well @intertwined sent my information to @PressReleasePR who sent me a direct message and the connection was born! I retweeted and now I am providing the link in my blog…and due to @PressReleasePR‘s efforts, the word is spreading like wild fire.

Every time I see one of these great ideas start spreading via Facebook, twitter, blogging, etc. it makes me think about what a difference words make. Words are becoming more and more powerful and social media is giving our words great power. I love it!

So does this mean, contrary to popular belief, will words start to speak louder than actions?


4 responses to “Tweeting for a good cause.

  1. I love it when bloggers and twitters unite for a good cause. My last effort was on Blog Action Day and the power of connecting bloggers and twitters to promote a good cause is very powerful!

  2. It’s awesome that Twitter and other social media gives people the power to connect and to make a difference. You are right that words are becoming more and more powerful. One great example where social media has helped people such as me become more involved and more passionate about a cause is the push to promote a greener lifestyle and society. Causes and movements can only become more powerful with social media.

  3. Wow… “Words speaking louder than actions.” What about words moving more people to action! Way to go Jen. You nailed it and quite eloquently I might add. Twitter is giving people power and oh my, they are using it for good! Beyond that, it is allowing good people to connect and make their network and their cause that much stronger. It is allowing them to fight the good fight, side by side all while being thousands of miles apart. Maybe it is a small world after all.

    Dream Big.
    aka @intertwined

  4. Good article Jen. I was unclear about Twitter, but jumped on board anyway and it seems to make more sense the more I use it.

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