On Being Thankful…

I know, I am a week late, but I just wasn’t ready to discuss what I am thankful for until today–and frankly, we should think about what we are thankful for everyday.

After having a bit of a breakdown and declaring that I, myself, in succinct declaration with the economy, am officially experiencing my own recession, I got to thinking about what I am thankful for and what makes me happy. What in this terrible time continues to keep me waking up everyday and not giving up…

I went on a brisk walk to the bank to deposit some savings bonds, give Wachovia a piece of mind about not notifying me when random bank transactions occur on my account, and to fill my lungs with some much needed fresh fall air.

What did I discover? The usual-thankful for my family, friends, those who are close and those who are not…and social media. Seriously, I am not kidding. I am thankful for social media. I am thankful for the mentors I have met online and find that in the social media realm, everyone is quick to offer a kind word or some advice to boost your sales, business or ego. It is a network I would not want to do without right now and what is keeping that glimmer of hope that my luck will soon make a u-turn. I am thankful for meeting my Twitter Associates who all seem to have some great value and without this medium, I would never have come across.

So thanks 🙂 Thanks to everyone who reads this, everyone who reads anything I write, and to the people who go out of their way to make someone smile. Just always be sure you pay it forward because the world could use a little more nice and a little less stress.


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