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Things that make you go “hmmmm”

A fabulous observation–from conflict comes progress. Hmmmm.

So I met Lynn Hoban, VP of Marketing from Rita’s Italian Ice, earlier today and she made that comment, which made so much sense. Then because @johnflurry told me I should read “the dip” by Seth Godin, I started reading and felt that it carried a similar message.

Without conflict in life, what is it? I guess I always felt my life is unpredictable, random, not expected…and sometimes I thrive on conflict. Through conflict I learn how to deal with things, what to do in situations and how people react/how to react to them. It helps me grow and become more understanding.

So is conflict bad? Does the word “conflict” send negative connotations?

I like to say I am not a confrontational person and I am the first to apologize when I am wrong, but sometimes I thrive on a great disagreement. I love when someone throws out a perspective I never thought of and makes me think differently. I get that “Aha” moment that clicks in your brain. How cool?!

So if it were easy, we’d all do it. If it’s worth it, it’s hard at some point.
These are the words of wisdom I live by and feel contribute to my unstable, crazy and sometimes random life…and I love it. Conflict fits right in there and as long as you know how to deal with a conflict and find the silver lining, it is not a bad thing, right? It’s a learning/growing experience that helps us all achieve some sort of progress…


Twitter- What’s the point?

Saturday, I was monitoring tweets using Tweetdeck (which I downloaded this weekend and will post my likes and dislikes about the application soon) when a friend of mine said “So what are you doing? Are you on twitter again? What’s the point?”

My typing came to an instant halt, I slowly turned my head as my mouth dropped in utter surprise that (gasp) she didn’t know why it was important to use twitter and didn’t understand the concept. To me that was like saying, “What’s the use of the Internet?” Eeeek!

I put down my laptop, told her to sit and said we needed to have a serious talk. She seemed a bit surprised that her comment stirred such a reaction, but seriously, it’s twitter.

In order to not bore anyone and to get the point, I will break it down to the concept I find most important.

Keep in mind that businesses and individuals have a different set of long-term goals for using twitter, but it all boils down to the same short-term goals and benchmarks to reach the ultimate goal.

Heather M. Milligan, Director of Marketing at Barger & Wolen LLP pointed out, on the radio talk show Lawyer 2 Lawyer , that twitter is used to encourage others to get to know you, like you and trust you…and I completely agree.

Think about it…

Twitter is about putting words in front of a face, name or business. It is about having a medium where all people are equal and have the same access to others. It is about putting us on even ground and humanizing companies. Once you find people to interact with and you begin a dialogue, you are now a real, live person representing someone or something.

We tweet about problems, thoughts, advice, interesting facts and others get to know us. Once they know us, we want to give value and get people to like us. We want people to follow us and read our tweets and enjoy them and find them useful. Once we prove we can add value, our next goal is to create an element of trust.

In a business, when trying to attract new clients, those three concepts are most important in the decision making process. Sometimes it takes weeks, months and years to cultivate that relationship…but twitter cuts that time down drastically and allows us to be known, liked and trusted and build our reputation and relationships 140 characters at a time.

After explaining this, I asked her if she still had questions. Her response “Wow. So it’s like talking to people without talking? That’s weird.”

I will just assume she is not an early-adopter (although at this point, it’s not that early) and will catch on with the next wave.

Tweeting for a good cause.

One of the reasons I feel I was put on this earth is to make a difference (I know so corny, but so true). I always felt rewarded when I served in positions where I played a positive role or could go out of my way to help others. Thinking back…I was a YMCA camp counselor (for seven years), basketball coach, soccer coach, mentor, soccer captain, college tour guide, waitress…they are all positions where I could teach and a way to serve (sometimes literally) people to help them have a pleasant experience. One of my fellow Twitter friends works at a camp for the disabled and I am forever jealous that she gets to do something great everyday (maybe I should have been a teacher?!).

So how can everyone do something great? Well, no need to do legwork these days. An idea might just, fall on your lap(top)!

Think about this idea- The 12 for 12,000 Challenge for 2009 . How did I come across this? Well @intertwined sent my information to @PressReleasePR who sent me a direct message and the connection was born! I retweeted and now I am providing the link in my blog…and due to @PressReleasePR‘s efforts, the word is spreading like wild fire.

Every time I see one of these great ideas start spreading via Facebook, twitter, blogging, etc. it makes me think about what a difference words make. Words are becoming more and more powerful and social media is giving our words great power. I love it!

So does this mean, contrary to popular belief, will words start to speak louder than actions?

Due to my twitter obsession…

From twitterberry to twhirl, I am addicted to leaving posts, checking other tweets and reading interesting sites tweeted by my twitter associates. I check my replies, direct messages and look for people to follow who can add value to my feed and provide me with resources I might not have found otherwise…it is the amazing world of twitter!

Because my obsession is well-known, I was recently asked by a few newcomers and a social media enthusiast to compile a list of twitter applications I use to optimize my ability to stay connected.

So here goes a quick overview:

Twitterberry – Twitterberry is a Blackberry application that allows you to update, read your feed, get replies, send replies and direct messages, and view the public timeline.

Twhirl – Twhirl is for Mac users. It is a desktop application that allows you to be logged in and read your updated twitter feed, reply, send direct messages, mark tweets as favorites, follow new people and a few other capabilities. It shows a pop-up when you receive replies or direct messages and every so often when updates are posted by your followers.

Search function – The twitter search function is useful when searching for terms or finding people by name or location.

Twitter groups – Twitter groups are great for finding people with similar interests and adding them as followers. You can also join a group and your twitter name will be featured for others to see and follow you.

Tweetbeep – Tweetbeep is just like Google alerts. You set up Tweetbeep to track when determined keywords are tweeted. Tweetbeep will search hourly, daily or weekly and you can sign-in to your tweetbeep account to check for tweets

Twitterfeed – Twitterfeed automatically posts blog feeds as you add entries.

These are just some of the many tools you can use to get the most from twitter…so give them a try and happy tweeting!

Also, check out The Ultimate Twitter Guide and Twitter for Attorneys.

On Being Thankful…

I know, I am a week late, but I just wasn’t ready to discuss what I am thankful for until today–and frankly, we should think about what we are thankful for everyday.

After having a bit of a breakdown and declaring that I, myself, in succinct declaration with the economy, am officially experiencing my own recession, I got to thinking about what I am thankful for and what makes me happy. What in this terrible time continues to keep me waking up everyday and not giving up…

I went on a brisk walk to the bank to deposit some savings bonds, give Wachovia a piece of mind about not notifying me when random bank transactions occur on my account, and to fill my lungs with some much needed fresh fall air.

What did I discover? The usual-thankful for my family, friends, those who are close and those who are not…and social media. Seriously, I am not kidding. I am thankful for social media. I am thankful for the mentors I have met online and find that in the social media realm, everyone is quick to offer a kind word or some advice to boost your sales, business or ego. It is a network I would not want to do without right now and what is keeping that glimmer of hope that my luck will soon make a u-turn. I am thankful for meeting my Twitter Associates who all seem to have some great value and without this medium, I would never have come across.

So thanks 🙂 Thanks to everyone who reads this, everyone who reads anything I write, and to the people who go out of their way to make someone smile. Just always be sure you pay it forward because the world could use a little more nice and a little less stress.