My Mantra…

I have always lived by the mantra that “people are what matter.” Seriously.

Without people, without interactions and emotions… life would be nothing.

It is good, especially at this time of year, to think about all the people that make a difference in your life. The people who take a chance on you, invest and believe in you, and those who just reach out a helping hand when you least expect it.

I am fortunate enough (and I know I always say this, but it is true and I can’t say it enough) to have some great people in my life and network.

The one thing plaguing me (and has been for a while) is my career situation. It is not what I want it to be and I am constantly trying to change it… but when I reach out to those in my industry for help, advice and/or direction, they are so quick to lend a hand and offer whatever they can. I love it 🙂

So when we think “people are what matter,” it is not just those who are close, but those who touch your life in any way possible. I love people and always try to remember that “the heart of life is good.”

So in the spirit of the holiday, “thanks for being in my life!”


One response to “My Mantra…

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    It’s funny you mention your “Twitter addiction” in another post. Both that micro-blogging site and social media in general has seen me find the very best people around. Everyone has something to offer, and everyone wants to help (or at least for the most part).

    I can see something special and great happening over the next few years – change is definitely in the air and it’s very much for the better.

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