Just thinking…

So I sit here watching the results of the election come in…

And I randomly start thinking about the power of choice. Not political choice because as great as I think it is that everyone is voting, politics are so skewed and spun by marketers and PR people that I wonder how most Americans make their final decision…

But anyway, I am thinking about how we make decisions and how a lot of our bad decisions, in retrospect, we can identify why we made the decision and why it wasn’t the right one.

Let’s use the example of dating someone. Now in real life, I think we all date someone at a certain time during our lives because we are supposed to; that person is there in that moment for a reason. I also think that when we make those decisions against our intuition, something bad happens and we kick ourselves because we know it could have been prevented. So if you date someone knowing very well that they are a “rebound,” “a time filler,” “a needed companion,” something negative and preventable will always happen as a direct result. Then again the troubles we endure do make us stronger the next time around, but sometimes that do more damage than good (but I am by no means advocating to stay away from dating and/or falling in love; I am all for it.) 

So why is it that decisions become so difficult? Is it the struggle between reality and what we want? In this case, a struggle between our brains, our hearts and our needs for the moment? 

If we follow our guts, follow them 100 percent, I think many decisions become clear and will turn out to be the right decisions. I think it takes a lot of character, a huge risk and a mountain of courage to make those decisions. 

I think in many situations, we know what to do… we just have to do it.


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