Own Battles.

Everyone has their own battle-their own struggle.

We all face challenges and tough times and no one is perfect. Some battles might be obvious and others might be internal. Just remember that we all encounter these struggles at different times in our lives and there should never be the question of “why me?”

2008 has been a tough year. So many things have gone wrong and I became Jen Cohen, the girl who can’t catch a break… but so many things have gone right and I try to not forget that… and that I am not alone.

I have the most amazing friends and family who continue to support me. I met amazing people and have been through amazing experiences that continually add to my character (you know, that is what people tell you when things go wrong-all about character building). 

I learned an awful lot about work, life, relationships, karma and also learned if you are resilient and driven, you will always land on your feet (maybe with a crutch or two). 

So my battles are my own. I have to take ownership and win… and know that although battles are fought throughout our lives, they are different for everyone and with a few strong people to lean on, you can make it through to the other side. 

…and karma, it never fails 😉


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